Mission Statement

      Hollywood is a melting pot of individuals from all over the globe who have come to pursue their creative endeavors.  The Hollywood Improv Festival seeks to celebrate that diversity by highlighting teams within and outside the city of Los Angeles who are masters of their craft.  Our focus is the community, both within Los Angeles and nationally; we want to build bridges and open a dialogue that allows the art form to grow.  We also just want to have a great weekend filled with fun people who want to laugh and experience the raw, emotional experience that improv can be.  Improvisation reminds us of the things that we have in common; it allows us to break down barriers, just by choosing to say "Yes, And."  We are diverse, but we are united.   Improv allows people from different walks of life to work towards a common goal, and we at the Hollywood Improv Festival wish to celebrate and spread that spirit of unity.

Production Team

  • Jeff Thompson  - Executive Producer
  • Nick Armstrong - Consulting Producer
  • Brian O'Connell - Consulting Producer
  • Shaun Landry - Consulting Producer