• We really want to make this a super fun festival, so I'll be working hard to promote the festival on a number of channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube).  It'd be great to have your team be on board in creating/sending over material, especially videos that showcase your team's personality.  By the beginning of January, I'd love to have a library of material that I can use to promote all of your teams.  Also, if you want to connect with us on social media:
    • or @TheImprovFest
    • or @TheImprovFest

Graphic Design

  • We'll have programs for the festival.  Please make sure your Improv Network profile is accurate so that all of your names are present and spelled correctly.  :)

Schedule of Performances/Panels

  • Some times may change slightly.  Feel free to announce that you are performing at the festival, but until the schedule is finalized and put on the website, please avoid sharing that information.  :)
    • Friday at 8 - Crucifictorious / YUM!
    • Friday at 9 - Great Personality / Pretty Much Sisters
    • Friday at 10 - Ebony Essence Jet / Melissa?!
    • Saturday at 5 - Panel (TBD)
    • Saturday at 8 - Wichita / Luxury Singles Cruise
    • Saturday at 9 - Efficient Office Practices / Landry & Summers
    • Saturday at 10 - B.E.T.H. / Off One Letter
    • Sunday at 4 - Panel (TBD)
    • Sunday at 7 - Cusack / Power-Up
    • Sunday at 8 - Pitch Please / Stormchaser
    • Sunday at 9 - Improvised Sitcom / Ripley

Tickets, Comps, Etc...

  • Tickets will be priced at $8 per show (with a $1 service fee for online transactions).  For each show you perform in, you will have one comp ticket (so a team of five people will have five comps.  Please email me the names of any individuals you want on your comp list.
  • If you'd like to see other any other shows, you may either pay $3 (+$1 fee if online) or pay for a festival pass which is discounted at $21.  You also have the option of waiting until the day of a show; if there are unfilled seats, then you are free to sit in the audience.
  • Tickets will be sold through our website.  Tickets will be available for purchase by the end of the month


  • There will be a full bar and lounge upstairs.  Feel free to chill, drink, and be merry.  There are also lots of great restaurants and bars near the area.

The Day of Your Show

  • Please arrive 20-30 minutes before your show to check in at the front desk.  As a reminder, the venue is located at The Clubhouse, 1607 N Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027.  There is a large parking lot in front of the venue, so parking shouldn't be a problem.  #blessed