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B.E.T.H. / Off One Letter

B.E.T.H. is an LA comedy duo focused on relationships and big characters.  Audiences at festivals and theatres in North America have been wowed by their high-energy and sense of playfulness in their scenes; however, no one has yet to figure out what the letters in B.E.T.H. stand for.  Perhaps you’ll be the first to figure it out?  B.E.T.H. is Elizabeth Reichelt and Paige Fockler.


Off One Letter formed an immediate connection after meeting at an improv drop-in class at Leela in San Francisco, and that led them to create a long-form improv duo called Off One Letter. Drawing inspiration from an audience member’s recent text message, Erin and Erik explore a variety of characters and relationships through a series of playful and grounded scenes. Sometimes funny. Sometimes dramatic. Always real. Off One Letter is Erin Daruszka and Erik Rogers.