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Cusack / Power-Up

Cusack formed from the iOWest Training Center, when all 6 members became enamored with each other and their playing style. Each member brings a unique take to Improv, and like Voltron, when they are all together, magic happens.  This will be Cusack’s second year at the Hollywood Improv Festival.  Cusack is Alex Ball, Derrick Denicola, Caroline Ficksman, Japheth Gordon, Joe Mortimer, Katy Rosin, and Michael Terrence.


What happens when six, adults with attitude band together to fight the powers of evil with comedy?  Laughs, mostly.  Power-Up is a diverse group of LA guys who have performed in various venues across LA, their most recent residency is at the Westside Comedy Theatre where they perform “First Date Live” a show in which one of the members goes on a real first date in front of an audience which then inspires an improv set afterwards.  It’s awkward.  It’s awesome.  Power-Up is Ray Timmons, Max Crandall, Jonny Cruz, Landon Kirksey, Igor Hiller, and Jeffrey Thompson.