What are you looking for in submissions?

Short answer?  We're looking for amazing teams.  Long answer?  We're looking for a variety of teams who are masters of their chosen form, bring something unique to the festival, and are engaging to watch.

What do you offer teams that are accepted into the festival?

Each team accepted into the festival is given a 25-minute set.  In addition, members of accepted teams can pre-order tickets for shows at a special discount and can get into any show that hasn't been sold out for free.   Finally, members of teams are allowed to register for workshops before the registration is open to the public.

My team didn't get accepted!  Boo!

Don't worry!  We still want you to be a part of the festival!   If your team didn't get accepted, you can still pre-order tickets for shows at a discount. 

Where will the festival be located?

Our shows will be located at the Hudson Theatre (6539 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90038); special discounts will be offered at the nearby restaurant "Eat This!" for festival goers.

Our workshops will be located at NOW Improv (4210 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90029).

What is the National Improv Network?

The National Improv Network (NIN) is an international network of performers, theatres, troupes, and festivals.  By registering with them, you are connected to the larger improv community.  We process all of our submissions through them.

What are the deadlines for submissions?  How much does it cost to submit?

  • Real Early Submission Window (April 12th - May 16th): $25
  • Kinda Early Submission Window (May 17th - June 13th): $30
  • Not At All Early Submission Window (June 14th - July 12th): $35

Wait, where do I go to submit again?

Just click here.  It'll take you to the submission page; if you don't have an account with the National Improv Network, it will ask you to make one.